Ochun por lago

Casa Ochun - More rhythm for your life!

Salsa, reggaeton, Afro-Cuban dances... dances that you can learn with us. The clear strength of our school is the top-level expertise of the dances that we teach as well as of the methods to teach them - also to the Finns.

Dancing is one of the most fun ways of physical exercise and really good for the whole body. In our classes, we combine dancing, the correct technique, and fun.

The Cubans have fun with music and dance. We wish that you can enjoy yourself and find the joy, which characterizes the Cubans when they are dancing. Our school is a place for fun and good time.

We also offer private dance classes for individuals and groups, dance shows, a salsa dj, and through us you can even get a salsa orchestra.

Welcome to the dance school Casa Ochun - to the house of the goddess of dance!